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Herzebrock-Clarholz & surroundings

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The tranquil little town of Herzebrock-Clarholz is centrally located between Gütersloh, Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Marienfeld, Beelen and Oelde. Its proximity to the Teutoburg Forest and Münsterland region makes it popular with many outdoor sports enthusiasts and nature lovers – and it also has a lot to offer itself with its rich culture and numerous sights.

Recreation & leisure

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With the Teutoburg Forest and flat Münsterland Basin, the tourist region is ideal for swimming, running, long bike tours and hikes. The Herzebrock indoor swimming pool and a gym are in direct walking distance. If you want to relax a bit more, you can find some time for yourself at local cafés and restaurants with international cuisine.

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Local recreation & culture

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Besides breathtaking natural landscapes, there are interesting places to discover directly in Herzebrock-Clarholz – for example, Möhler Castle or the historical convent with its beautiful gardens. There are also events and leisure activities for children and adults throughout the year.

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